RiffGo webcasting is a simple platform for a one-way flow of information, broadcast over the internet to a large audience.Designed to deliver rich media communications, which facilitate integration of data, voice or video for broadcasting virtual events to thousands. RiffGO is a pioneer when it comes to using rich media for Internet Broadcasting; we offer robust solutions to companies who seek streaming videos or audios to customers, employees, shareholders and partners regardless of the location.

We offer two types of webcasting solutions

  • Live Webcasting Managed Solution
  • Live Webcasting Unmanaged Solution

Live Webcasting Managed Solution: Under this webcasting our engineers will be working with you at your event and will set up whole system for you. We offer on site and online support for the whole event.

Live Webcasting Unmanaged Solution: Under this webcasting we will only offer online support through call and Web. All setup for webcasting has to be carried out by customer IT team.


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  • Security of content – Not possible to record/copy live streaming videos.
  • Real time collaboration with HD video communication.
  • Live Webcasting on laptop, smartphone (Android, iOS and Blackberry)
  • Designing of the portal by your logos and banners
  • Dedicated Webcasting URL for viewers
  • Secured Username/Password for each users
  • Onsite/web based version available with no investment on proprietary equipment.
  • Live streaming player
  • File archiving at broadcaster end
  • User Activity Report
  • Professional support
  • More than 1000 participants can login to a single session.
  • Low CPU and memory usage
  • Ad free/No third party ads
  • Google analytics integration
  • User Audit report
  • Echo cancellation
  • Works on windows as well as popular browsers
  • Besides audio and visual transmission of meeting activities, it can be used to share documents and presentations.
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Streaming at as low as 100 kbps.
  • Moderated chat functionality
  • Post query functionality
  • One user one login
  • User interaction through internet at 50 kbps
  • Cloud based hosted SAAS service
  • Local publishing server
  • Live polling
  • Admin Panel control


  • Reach a larger audience. It isn't a secret that you can reach an enormous amount of people through the Internet. Seventy-seven percent of the US population is online.
  • Reach your target market. With programs such as Google AdWords, it is easier than ever to find your target online. Chances are your prospects are already looking for you.
  • Cost-effective. Since the multi-camera video production is mixed, edited and broadcast in real time, there is virtually no post-production time needed to output a finished video for online distribution after the live webcast event.
  • Time is of the essence. It is very difficult to find a time and date that works for everyone. Having 24/7 access to Webcasts eliminate the stress of scheduling conflicts. More people will be able to participate when time restrictions are removed.
  • Repeatability. Participants get the convenience of being able to repeat the presentation. This is great if someone misses something or has an interruption in the middle of the presentation.
  • Accessibility. With so many people online, it is almost guaranteed that your prospects are too. Webcasts are available where ever there is an Internet connection.
  • Viral Marketing. You can't tell someone else to go to an event that might have interested them, but you can share a Webcast online. It is a lot easier for participants to share the experience and information.
  • Visibility. Prospects have to find your site before they sign up for a Webcast. Therefore, prospects will be able to see what you offer as an organization because they are already on your site.
  • Easy to maintain. Once the webcast is complete, the published video content can be available indefinitely and require no maintenance.
  • It can't hurt. There is nothing to lose, and the return may be more than you expect.

Webcasting FAQ

  • Media Server for Streaming
  • Encoder
  • Transcoder
  • Decoder
  • CDN Servers
  • Bandwidth on the servers
  • Backup Servers
  • Backup bandwidth on the servers
  • Report of the number of Viewers
  • Audio/ Video Setup.
  • Internet Connectivity (Dedicated Line minimum 2Mbps).
  • Power Connection.
  • One way audio/video streaming.
  • Video streaming for unlimited Viewers.
  • A webportal with your logo will be created and shared.
  • Same day testing.
  • Support viewers with Participation Analytics.
  • Broadcasting Device/ Laptop.
  • Internet Dongles for Backup.
  • Converters and cables.

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